In the Beginning…well, not quite the beginning…

IMG_1175So, I’ve decided to take the plunge and begin a running blog. Ultimately, it’ll be about running…I make that point for me as much as anyone else as I can have a tendency to waffle at times. I started a blog about a year ago, wrote one entry, got some views (over 100 I think – which I was happy with), and then promptly stopped writing!

My motivation for this is pretty much the same as it was back then. To have a space to think about and communicate about all things running. To think about what motivates us to start running, carry on running, stop running, then start running again…and probably repeat this cycle ad infinitum. I’ll probably write less  concerning the technical aspects of running – I’m not an expert and know very little about running form etc. I am, however, a psychologist and know a bit more about the application of psychology to some aspects of running – I’ve even completed a doctorate looking at improving sports performance. Ok, none of the sports I explored was running, and I didn’t even run back then, but some of it is bound to be relevant right?

I’m immensely interested in how our heads affect our running – why at times we could run forever and why on other occasions we can’t even get out the door. I’m also interested in things like mindfulness, meditation and visualisation and how these might help us as we carry on running!


In the Beginning

So, a little bit about my running then… I started running about 7 years ago, just before my first son was born. I was incredibly unfit and didn’t want to be a dad who couldn’t play football and run around with my kids so I took the notion one evening to go for a run. I had the route planned – I’d run about one mile, just to get me started and decided I’ll build up from there to 5 miles over the next weeks and months. I started off on my running and felt great…for about 30 seconds…then I couldn’t breathe and started to get a stitch. I stopped, got my breath back, and started running again. I managed another minute or so, decided that was enough for one night…walked back to the car and headed home.

I turned up again the next night, and the next, and the next and slowly but surely worked up to a mile, then two, then three, then hurt my knees and didn’t run for weeks! Damn it! Just when this was all starting to go well! Anyway…a few weeks rest and a trip to have a gait analysis and get a proper pair of running shoes got me back on the road and I’ve been at it ever since…well, off and on, and off again…and then on… you get the picture! Anyway, I’ve plugged away at it and managed to get a few half marathons and marathons under my belt. I’m hoping for many more, and hoping that this wee blog might help me carry on with it….might even help one or two readers along the way!!

8 thoughts on “In the Beginning…well, not quite the beginning…

  1. Enjoyable we read Chris! Your quite a character! Keep on running and blogging! If ye ever find out why we have them runs that we feel we can run forever! Please let me know! 👍😀


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